About the authors

Chester Ismay Albert Y. Kim

Chester Ismay is Director of Data Science Education at Flatiron School, working remotely from Portland, OR, USA. In this role, he leads the data science curriculum and instructional coordination teams at Flatiron School. He completed his PhD in statistics from Arizona State University in 2013. He has previously worked in a variety of roles including as an actuary at Scottsdale Insurance Company (now Nationwide E&S/Specialty), as a freelance data science consultant, and at Ripon College, Reed College, and Pacific University. Prior to joining Flatiron School, he was a Data Science Evangelist at DataRobot, where he led data science, machine learning, and data engineering in-person and virtual workshops for DataRobot University. In addition to his work for ModernDive, he also contributed as initial developer of the infer R package and is author and maintainer of the thesisdown R package.

Albert Y. Kim is an Assistant Professor of Statistical & Data Sciences at Smith College in Northampton, MA, USA. He completed his PhD in statistics at the University of Washington in 2011. Previously he worked in the Search Ads Metrics Team at Google Inc. as well as at Reed, Middlebury, and Amherst Colleges. In addition to his work for ModernDive, he is a co-author of the resampledata and SpatialEpi R packages.

Both Drs. Ismay and Kim, along with Jennifer Chunn, are co-authors of the fivethirtyeight package of code and datasets published by the data journalism website